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Popek W., Łuszczek-Trojnar E., Drąg-Kozak E., Rząsa J., Epler P. 2006. Effect of melatonin on dopamine secretion in the hypothalamus of mature female common carp, Cyprinus carpio L. Acta Ichthyol. Piscat. 36 (2): 134-141.

Background. The work was the continuation of previous study, which indicated that melatonin influences the inhibition of hypothalamic dopamine secretion in vitro. In the presently reported study, the influence of melatonin injection into the third cerebral ventricle on the release of dopamine was tested. The aim of this study was to investigate if and how melatonin affects dopamine secretion in the hypothalamus of mature female carp.

Materials and methods. The concentration of dopamine in hypothalamic tissue was determined radioenzymatically. The experimental groups were fish deprived of melatonin by pinealectomy, fish that received intraventricular injections of melatonin, fish that received intraventricular injections of physiological saline, and intact fish (control treatment). The study was carried out in the summer during spawning and in the winter when fish gonads were regressed.

Results. Melatonin injection resulted in an increase in dopamine concentration in the hypothalamus, which indicates that melatonin influenced aminergic nuclei inhibiting secretion of dopamine. Dopamine probably remained unreleased in the hypothalamic tissue, whereas in pinealectomized fish the lack of melatonin influenced continuous dopamine secretion, what was shown as the low dopamine level in the hypothalamus. The results confirmed the previous study effect of melatonin in mature female carp, and point to an inhibitory effect of intraventricularly injected melatonin on the release of dopamine from the hypothalamus. This effect occurred only in the summer experiment, indicating a seasonal impact of melatonin on the dopaminergic system.

Conclusion. By inhibiting the release of hypothalamic dopamine, which blocks gonadotropin secretion, melatonin has a potential stimulatory effect on the release of LH and in this way may be involved in control of reproduction in carp.

Keywords: fish, carp, Cyprinus carpio, dopamine, hormonal control of reproduction, melatonin



DOI: 10.3750/AIP2006.36.2.07

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