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ACTA ICHTHYOLOGICA ET PISCATORIA (AIeP) is an international, peer-reviewed scientific journal that publishes articles based on original experimental data or experimental methods, or new analyses of already existing data, in any aspect of ichthyology and fisheries (fin-fish only).

We favour articles with an innovative approach, innovative interpretation, interesting justification of the research, and most of all, well fitting into the mainstream science. Such papers should constitute a step in a logical development of a subject and set new pathways for future research. We avoid accepting papers that are “isolated” (i.e., not linked to the “past” and “future” science). Manuscripts not fitting into the above-mentioned description (even those done perfectly in terms of methodology) are promptly rejected on the grounds of insufficient scientific priority. We discourage the practice of reporting results of a single study in two or more manuscripts (“salami science”). For detail and exceptions see


Please note that some topics have higher priority for us than others. Additional formal restrictions may apply to certain types of papers. For example, we publish new record papers and LWR papers in the form of short communication only. In the LWR papers, priority is given to submissions containing LWRs of at least ten fish species of which no relevant info is available in FishBase (or the number of available LWRs is very low).


AI&P is issued on paper and in electronic form at http://www.aiep.pl (the journal is primary paper). The paper version appears four times a year. The electronic version is freely available on the internet (Open Access Journal). We have adopted a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 (Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs) 


It is expected that investigators running experiments on live fish, and intending to publish their results at AIeP, will have obtained an approval of a local ethic committee for scientific experiments on animals or any other local animal care committee. Authors of any papers dealing with threatened species should demonstrate that the fish were sampled legally and that the studies had an objective important for conservation of the species.

Review process. Advancement of fisheries science is the major requirement in the evaluation process of AIeP. Preliminary suitability of manuscripts is determined by editors or members of the Editorial Advisory Board and submissions with insufficient scientific priority are rejected promptly. Manuscripts not prepared in the advised style will be rejected without review. If a manuscript is found suitable for evaluation it is forwarded to one of our Associate Editors (subject editors) who sends it to two independent experts for review.

Conflict of interests. Authors of research articles evaluating or examining commercial products (e.g., fish feeds, anaesthetics, drugs, vaccines, etc.) should disclose to the editor, at the time of submission, any financial arrangement they may have with the manufacturer of such product or with the company making a competing product. It is expected that: 1) authors of such articles will not have any financial interest in the company (or its competitor) that makes the product discussed in the article; or 2) such arrangements will be in a clear form communicated to the reader.

All persons involved in the evaluation process (reviewers, members of the Editorial Advisory Board, editors) must report to the Editor-in-Chief any conflict of interest with regard to a manuscript under review or commercial companies involved with a product under study.

Permissions. Any material borrowed from other sources must be accompanied by a written statement from both the author and the publisher giving permission to AI&P for reproduction. It is assumed that authors citing unpublished data, and/or personal communications have obtained permission from all persons involved.

Copyright transfer. Upon acceptance of manuscripts, the authors convey, and otherwise transfer all rights, title, interest, and copyright ownership in said work to the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin (WPUTS)—the owner of this journal. Consequently, any material from published (or accepted) articles cannot be published without the prior written permission of the WPUTS.

Disclaimer. The data and opinions appearing in the articles and advertisements herein are the responsibility of the author. Accordingly, the Publisher and the Editor accept no liability whatsoever for the consequences of any such inaccurate of misleading data, opinion, or statement.

Printing costs and reprints. The publishing costs of the AI&P are covered by the Publisher (Szczecińskie Towarzystwo Naukowe = Societas Scientiarum Stetinensis—SSS). The authors do not pay per-page charges. The only exception is the costs of colour pages (in 2011 the cost price one colour page was 300 PLN (=100 USD). The authors obtain free PDF file that can be downloaded from our web page.


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