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Ho H.-C., Kawai T., Wudianto, Satria F. 2016. Records of anglerfishes (Actinopterygii: Lophiiformes: Lophiidae) from Indonesia. Acta Ichthyol. Piscat. 46 (2): 77–85.

Background. The lophiid anglerfishes are with commercial importance, but rarely they are documented in Indonesian waters. During the Japanese and Indonesian collaborative surveys in 2004 and 2005, an anglerfish collection was made and it is the aim of this study to identify this collection, to document new records and to provide information further application usage such as fishery assessment from the study area.

Materials and methods. Specimens were deposited in the HUMZ collection and examined by the authors. Counts, measurements, and photography were consistent with the commonly used methods.

Results. Three genera and eight species in the family were collected, including Sladenia cf. zhui [sensu Ni, Wu et Li, 2012]; Lophiomus setigerus (Vahl, 1797); Lophiodes naresi (Günther, 1880); Lophiodes bruchius Caruso, 1981; Lophiodes endoi Ho et Shao, 2008; Lophiodes lugubris (Alcock, 1894); Lophiodes miacanthus (Gilbert, 1905); and Lophiodes triradiatus (Lloyd, 1909). Of these, Sladenia cf. zhui, L. bruchius, L. endoi, L. lugubris, and L. miacanthus, are described in detail.

Conclusion. The diversity of the lophiid anglerfish fauna is relatively low from the eastern Indian Ocean side of Indonesia. All species treated in the presently reported study represent the first records in Indonesian waters. A discussion of lophiid fauna from Indonesia is provided, along with a key to known species in Indonesia.

Keywords: taxonomy, teleostei, Lophiodes, Lophiomus, Sladenia



DOI: 10.3750/AIP2016.46.2.03

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